MIG/MAG lasapparatuur

DIGIPULS III 320C shows advanced technical features
-99 programs storage
-Call of the programs with the trigger
-Advanced welding arc performances (Speed Short Arc, Pulsed arc and Sequencer mode)

The Speed Short Arc (patented Air Liquide Welding arc transfer) gives:
- The dynamic arc optimizes performance in root-pass
- Increased productivity through high travel speed

And the Sequencer mode allows :
- Perfect bead aspect three times faster than TIG welding,
- Less distortion on thin plate
- Low had input for good mechanical structure and characteristics

DIGIPULS III 320C is an user friendly machine with an ergonomic and intutive front panel with synergic setting of the welding parameters. With simple criteria setting (base material choice, sheet thickness, shielding gas, welding wire diameter…) the machine give the optimal set of welding parameters. The polarity inversion (used for some flux cored wires) is easily done one the front panel of the machine and in option the machine can receive a 10 m remote control.

DIGIPULS III 320C will be used in the following activities :

Welding of every base materials (carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium or alloys with wires up to 1.2 mm:
- metallic construction (on site and in workshop)
- workshop & yard maintenance
- light production

DIGISTEEL III 320C without pulsed arc is also available to be used for carbon steel welding applications.
Designed in Air Liquide Welding Excellence Center de Pont Sainte Maxence (in France ), DIGIPULS III 320C est manufactured in Europe in the Air Liquide Welding production plant of Nitra (Slovakia) every power source is 100% tested.